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Beginners -

Cheng Man Ching’s Short Form ( based on Yang Style) - A deceptively soft and flowing style taught to relax the body and promote the flow of chi. In this first year basic principles are introduced - Balance, Centre and Alignment, Dao- Yin, meditation and Qi Gong

Beginners & Intermediates

24 Shi Taiqijuan (24 Step) - Beijing Short Form put together by the National Sports Committee of China under Li Tan Ji in 1956. A much more extended and open form and teaches how to focus the mind and body energy. The structures of form are gone into in great depth and testing and the application of each of the movements for use as a martial art is explored. Pushing Hands is introduced at this stage as are more advanced Qi Gong practices.

Intermediates & Advanced

32 Shi Taijiquan (32 Step Sword) - An International Form which introduces the student to

weapons form. Using the sword to direct and focus the energy (chi). This is a more exacting form and strengthens and stretches the body and mind still further. Double Push Hands is explored as is Ta - Lu ( Big Step) which introduces the student to the Bagua circle and the different directions used for defence and attack..


88 Shi Taijiquan (88 Step) - A Long Form based on the Yang Style using some movements

already covered in the 24 Step plus many new ones. Fixed step and moving push-hands is at this point introduced as are more advanced Qi Gong practices.

42 Shi Taijiquan (42 Step International Competition) - An extremely advanced form designed to introduce the four different Tai Chi styles - Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun. To remember and to perform this form with skill and technical ability is a difficult task. 42 Step Sword - This form helps introduce the four varying styles of Taijiquan to a sword form

Students may wish to progress further, by learning other Tai Chi forms or weapons styles or more advanced push hands. This can be catered for within the Long Fei and our direct links with China through Prof. Li Dey Yin ( Bejing Univ.) and Master Wang Yang Ji (Triple Gold Medal Push Hands Champion) currently based in Sweden.....


Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong guided by the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest and most well researched systems of health training known in China,

It embraces the principles of Yin & Yang balance and the circulation of energy through the Meridian System

It can be practised by all people regardless of age and ability - any time,

anywhere and requires no expensive equipment.

Dao Yin works by using rhythmic movement to invigorate and increase our personal energy quotient.

It relaxes, softens and loosens the body and joints and calms the mind.

It turns and twists the limbs and trunk to bring massage, stimulation and blood circulation to the internal organs.

It embraces the concept of exercise, deep breathing and visualisation.

Relaxed breathing combined with physical exercise, twisting, turning and bending, loosening and flexing, can help balance us internally and externally.

Externally it helps muscle groups, tendons, joints and bones.

Internally it stimulates the functions and secretions of all the body’s systems

Dao Yin strengthens and makes us more vital and vigorous. It increases energy levels to affect and enliven our emotional life and reduce negativity, bringing balance to all the body’s systems. Dao Yin also adds flexibility, relaxation and quietness to our everyday activity, leading to an overall state of good health and a profound feeling of wellbeing.


Tai chi is an ancient oriental way of exercising the body and the mind which has been practised by many people for hundreds of years.

It is a series of connected, flowing movements designed to be used for self defence and healing to aid in rejuvenation and relaxation

It is excellent for enhancing energy and has been* scientifically proved effective at regulating blood pressure and significantly improving circulation.

It increases bone structure and is helpful in treating related conditions e.g. arthritis and osteoporosis.

It improves breathing capacity, boosts the immune system and is ex tremely effective in increasing postural control, whilst at the same time stretching, toning and relaxing the body in a cumulative way that no other exercise is able to achieve.

It minimises the effect of chronic conditions such as allergies and asthma and is recommended as an adjunct therapy for chronic pain.

Tai Chi reduces the stress responses, lowering anxiety, depression, fatigue and general mood disturbance. 70% of all doctor’s visits are due to stress.

The exercises are simple and effective, bringing benefits to all areas of health and well being . The mind and body remain active and alert and it is a lot of fun.

( * Sources - Medical Research in U.K. and USA)

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