Saturday February 27th 10.30 – 1.30  Tai Chi Sword Form

Knutsford School, Balmoral Road, N.Watford

A great chance to explore the delights and different energy of the sword                       

Anyone can attend whether a Beginner - in which case you will be starting the 16 Step sword

an Intermediate – these people will doing the 32 Step Form or Advanced  - the 42 step

We will be learning the basic movements, postures and footwork essential to all sword play and the various techniques and applications to each one. It is also tremendous fun and connects and channels your energy in a subtly different way to the hand forms  

Please inform me by return if you will be attending so that I can be sure of having enough swords  with which to practice.

Cost £25      ( deposit £10 secures place)

Please let us know at the earliest convenience if you are attending as we have to make sure that there are enough swords available on the day.

See you there. 

Saturday Mar 20th 10.30 – 1.30  A Guide to the amazing I – Ching ( Book of Changes)

Knutsford School, Balmoral Road, N.Watford

In this day after a few exercises to bring our energies together we will be looking at and exploring the mysteries of the I Ching. Covering the history of this extraordinary book and its 64 fundamental ways that energy manifests here on earth as according to the ancient ones.

We will learn how to use coins to cast a hexagram how to read and interpret it and how  and what we can learn from contemplating on it.

This is not a fortune telling tool .It is a means of discovering what state our energy is in right now so that we can make an informed choice about how to move forwards. I use it if I have a difficult question I need to answer and have always been amazed at the accuracy of the answer.

.Also as the Chinese new year has just started we will start to look at the Chinese zodiac and the intricacies of that..

Bring paper, pen, and any I ching books  you own and we will compare the different readings.

Each session will be £25  or both  sessions for £45 (deposit £10 secures place)

Tel: 020 8950 3561 • E-mail: taichi@longfei.co.uk

Master Wang Yang Ji

with Long Fei instructor Stephen Price

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