Presents Sun  13th Dec 10.30 – 1.30pm

Knutsford School, Balmoral Road, N.Watford

Tai Chi Sword Day

A chance to  learn and experience the strength ,beauty and energy that practicing the sword form generates.

Ideal for beginners and the more advanced among you we will be exploring the various forms with individual posture correction and tuition as well as looking into the various techniques.

The beginners will start with 16 Step Tai Chi Sword. This has been specifically designed as an entry into learning this fascinating art and will be a perfect addition tio your Tai Chi learning and it is tremendous fun.

The more advanced will be moving along with their own specific forms and being individually taught and corrected

So  come along and join us.

Cost £25      ( deposit £10 secures place)

Please let us know at the earliest convenience if you are attending as we have to make sure that there are enough swords available on the day.

See you there. 

Thursday May 22nd - Master Wang - 24 Step


Those of you who have worked with Master Wang will need no introduction. He is one of the finest martial arts experts I have come across and his knowledge on every aspect is extensive. He is willing and able to share this with you. Please do not miss. Competence in this form is required. Spaces will be limited in this group. Stephen Price, instructor of the West Herts Longfei Taijiquan Association, and pupils consider themselves privileged to host an annual seminar on Tai Chi, with Master Wang Yang Ji as instructor. Master Wang visits England at the kind invitation of Dick Watson, the founder of Longfei in the U.K. and Chairman of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts.

Long Fei students are treated to a demonstration by Master Wang of the grace and power of Tai Chi as well as the other two internal martial arts, Hsing-I and Bagua. This is followed by several hours of high octane teaching. Master Wang started practising at the age of six and was a student of the legendary Li Tian-Ji. He is a triple gold medal winner at Pushing Hands in China at the 60 Kg weight. He is now in his 40's and is resident in Sweden, having to leave China after the troubles in Tianamen Square.

After the demonstration Master Wang works extensively with the students on form correction and some pushing hands techniques. Students and teachers are equally impressed at the amazing display of energy and power he produces as he literally throws volunteers around the gym with seemingly effortless ease. Although it is a martial art Tai Chi has proven health properties and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. The slow, gentle movements harmonise mind, body and soul balancing and energising the practitioner and increasing good health and a feeling of wellbeing, however, as Master Wang is able to show, it can also be a highly effective means of self defence.

The evenings are always a huge success and are enjoyed by all present. Regular Tai Chi classes are held weekly, at varied venues, on a term basis, and anyone interested should contact Stephen Price on -
Tel: 020 8950 3561 • E-mail: taichi@longfei.co.uk

Wales Holiday: August 9th - 16th 2003


There will be Tai chi in the mornings walks in the afternoon, meditation, massage, music in the evening, all set in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Wales. A time to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of life. Wonderful. Book soon spaces are limited.

Master Wang Yang Ji

with Long Fei instructor Stephen Price

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